Priory Choir Association

Lancaster Priory Choir Association

Origin:  For some time the Priory Music Trust has been advocating an association for past and present choir members. A small group of current choristers has taken on the task and has begun the process of gathering members.

Purpose: Its purpose will be (a) to reconnect with former members of the choir and (b) develop continuity of interest in, connection with and fellowship between choir members both past and present.

Qualification: Simply to have been a member of the choir at some time.

What will the association do?  We’re hoping to produce an annual or bi-annual newsletter which might include articles about the work of the choir today, about past members informing us of their time in the choir and/or their lives since leaving plus news, views and member’s observations. Lots of ideas have been floated concerning activities but these are for the future, we must start by recruiting members.

Fees?  Membership will be free. The association won’t be a fund raising body. We will need some funds for everyday running costs of course so any donations will be gratefully accepted!

First priority: to gather members. There must be hundreds of choristers who have sung with the choir over the years, many of whom will still be alive. Finding them all would be an impossible task but we’re aiming to make contact with as many as we can. To do this we will have this link on the Priory website, a Facebook page and details displayed at the back of church. If you know of anyone who would qualify please tell them about the association and get them to join.

Memories: Its always good to share people’s memories and choristers usually have tales to tell which we’d love to hear. There is some space on the application form for you to share some if you would like to. We would also like to know which were your favourite pieces, choir activities and those with whom you remember singing.

How do I join?  Application forms are available online (LPCA membership form 2016) or at the back of church. If you’re joining via the web you will need to download the form, complete it then send back it by e-mail to the address below. You can of course print, sign and return by post to the Priory office.

Nick Walker



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