Installation of New Lighting - 28/05/20

The Vicar and Churchwardens of Lancaster Priory are delighted to announce that work will begin on June 1st to install the new lighting in the Priory Church.
This will be the First Phase of a Two-Phase installation, and will include the wiring and system installation, as well as the lighting of the porch, the area under the West Gallery, the Regimental Chapel, and the Nave up to the chancel arch (the pulpit and lectern).
The Second and final phase will install the lighting in the Chancel and Sanctuary, the St Thomas and St Nicholas Chapels, and the north and south aisles. We hope that this second phase will take place in 2021.
The funding for this first phase will be coming from three sources: a significant bequest from the late Jim Garbett, a generous grant from the Regimental Chapel Committee, and some money from the profits generated by “The Moon.”
The replacement of the lighting in the Priory is an urgent need, as the last installation of light fittings (now obsolete) goes back many years, and they are rapidly failing, leaving some areas of the church in darkness for evening services. The new fittings and lights will be far more energy efficient, have a longer life, and will cost less to run. The lighting design by Bruce Kirk of “Light Perceptions” design is stunning, and will really enable us to see the Priory “in a new light” and enable many features to be seen more clearly and some elements will be highlighted in a way which will allow even longstanding members of the Priory congregation to see and appreciate our beautiful church afresh.

Chris, Andrew & Pauline

Mr Andrew Nicholson and Dame Pauline Fielding, Churchwardens,


The Reverend Canon Chris Newlands
Vicar of Lancaster