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Vision 2026

Vision 2026: Forthcoming Events

We at the Priory are fully engaged in the work of the Diocesan 10 Year Plan to ensure that our parishes are healthy and able to influence the communities in which we are placed. The following events may be of interest and are open to all:

Thursday, 1st December:

Preston Minster, 7.30 – 9.00 (refreshments included)
‘Renewal and Reform; Does it have a theology?’
– a lecture and discussion led by Dr Jeremy Worthen

Saturday, January 28th, 2017:

Blackburn Cathedral, All Day

A festival Eucharist will take place at Blackburn Cathedral. This will be a day for all ages to explore and celebrate Jesus in the Eucharist. The celebrant will be Rt. Rev. Philip North, Bishop of Burnley, and the keynote address will be given by the Rt. Rev. Martin Warner, Bishop of Chichester.

Cars, with spaces, will be going to both these events. Please contact the Parish Office if you are interested in taking part


The PCC in partnership with Priory People Groups is working towards implementing Vision 2026 within the Parish 

‘Healthy Churches Transforming Communities’Vision 2026 logo

We desire to make the Good News about Jesus Christ more widely known, because we believe:

• He is the One who brings ‘life in all its fullness’

• Healthy church communities have a positive and transformative impact on our society.

We will work together to achieve this by:

Making disciples of Jesus Christ

• Knowing the Scriptures better through reading, teaching, preaching and study

• Praying with greater depth and urgency for the Kingdom of God to come

• Giving generously of our time, talents and money to the cause of Christ

Being witnesses to Jesus Christvision prayer

• Sharing the Gospel of salvation with confidence

• Holding regular enquirers courses in as many local churches as possible

• Showing God’s love in action through projects that meet a local human need

• Offering thorough and accessible Baptism preparation and follow-up

• Planting or renewing 50 new strategic congregations by 2026

Growing leaders for Jesus Christ

• Supporting and equipping the current leadership for today’s context

• Enabling missional leadership in every Christian community

• Liberating lay leadership for greater participation

• Creating the varied patterns of Sunday and weekday worship necessary to welcome all kinds of people, especially the newcomer

• Prioritising work among children, young people and schools to raise up a new generation for Christ

For further information about Vision 2026 please visit Blackburn Diocese Vision 2026.