2024 APCM

Please find the documents relating to our APCM on the 19th of May on this page.

The Vestry Meeting

Notice: Vestry Notice-for-election-of-churchwardens-updated 2024

Churchwarden Election Forms: nom-cw-2024

Annual Vestry Meeting – Agenda 2024

Minutes of the Vestry Meeting Sun May 21 2023 at Lancaster Priory


The Annual Parochial Church Meeting

Notice:  Notice-APCM-2024

Nomination form for 1 Deanery Synod rep to serve for 2 years: DS-Nom-2024

Nomination form for 4 PCC representatives to serve for 3 years: nom-pcc-2024

Nomination form for 2 PCC representatives to serve for 2 years: nom-pcc-2024 cas

APCM 2024 – Agenda

Minutes APCM Lancaster Priory Sun May 21, 2023

Electoral Role Officer Report to APCM 2024

Churchwarden’s Report APCM May 2024

Priory Accounts and Activities 2023    Full signed and dated version available in church.