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Film Discussion Group

The FILM DISCUSSION happens about every two months. We identify a film that is on general release for people to go and see. It is announced on the weekly notice sheet. For those who would prefer to go and see it with others, we announce a performance that members of the Priory will be at, and we meet beforehand in the foyer. Ten days later, anyone who would like to, meets at 7.30pm for a couple of hours. We tell each other about what we liked, found inspiring, disliked. This discussion has without exception proved a most entertaining time.

We try not to approach things as though we were experts in the art of film, and we try not to make a comparison with a book the film might have been based on. But we do look to see where there might have been evidence of God’s hand, care, concern in what we have seen. Perhaps because of it the process helps us train ourselves to see God in every situation we encounter. So, enjoy the film and enjoy the discussion (whether you like to say a little or a lot!)

There is no sense of fixed membership – just come if you can. Between 8 and 20 have been present on most occasions. And it is an ideal occasion to bring a friend who is not part of the Priory, if they have seen the film. Tea. coffee, and comfort snacks provided.

John and Hermione Roff will have details of the next meeting, or see Lancaster Priory’s weekly notices