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School Groups

We welcome visits from schools to Lancaster Priory. We can provide activities for school groups of all ages, tailored to meet your needs. Please contact us in advance on 01524 65338 (Tuesday-Thursday) to arrange your visit.

Primary Schools

For younger groups (up to 25) we can give a taste of life in a Benedictine Monastery, allowing children to wear a simple version of a monastic habit, as well as to learn how to sing plainsong, illuminate a manuscript (otherwise known as colouring in!) and what life was like for a young person joining a medieval monastery. What makes this very special is that this takes place on the very site where medieval monks once lived and worked and worshipped.

Secondary Schools

For older groups, the time can be spent learning the local history from tablets, gravestones, and memorials, or studying the art and history of the many centuries which the Priory has witnessed. They can see the font on which medieval warriors sharpened their swords, the gravestone for a Crusader’s heart, as well as many other items from the Priory’s long history. There are also opportunities to learn about music here, both choral and organ music. All visits to the Priory can be combined with a visit to Lancaster Castle, or any of the other museums such as the Judge’s Lodgings or the Maritime Museum.

To arrange a School Visit please get in touch.