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This week at Lancaster Priory

All our worship at the Priory this week

For further details of our last Priory Eucharist Service please click on the link below

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Sunday 8 September- Blessed Virgin Mary

8.00am          Holy Communion (BCP)

9.50am          Vestry Meeting

10.00am          Priory Eucharist

4.00pm          Wedding Blessing

6.30pm          Festal Evensong

8.00pm          Lancaster Priory Girls Concert

Mon 9              12.30pm          LRGS Music

5.15pm          LRGS Music

8.00pm Amabile Girls’ Choir

Tues 10 10.15am Holy Communion (BCP)

12.30pm LGGS Music

5.15pm LGGS Music

8.00pm Vox Concert

Wed 11 12.30pm Holy Communion with prayers for healing

1.00pm Wedding Blessing

2.30pm Vocal Masterclass followed by 5.15pm Showcase

7.30pm Making a Musical Matriachy

9.15pm Try me, Good King

Thu 12      12.30pm Ripley Music

2.30pm Mothers’ Union Festival and afternoon tea

5.15pm Choral Evensong

8.00pm Femmes Fatales

Fri 13   1.30pm Children’s Big Sing followed by 2.45pm performance

5.15pm Priory Choir Leavers Recital

9.00pm Sung Compline

Sat 14 10.30am Coffee Concert: Blue Moon

7.30pm Festival Voices Magnificat

Sunday 15 September– The Thirteenth Sunday of Trinity

8.00am           Holy Communion (BCP)

9.50am           Vestry Meeting

10.00am          Priory Eucharist

6.30pm          Choral Evensong

Mon 16              7.30pm             Standing Committee

Tues 17            10.15am          Holy Communion (BCP)

1.00pm          Parrenthorn High School Visit

6.30pm          Mustard Seed in Upper Priory Hall

Wed 18 10.00am Clitheroe Civic Society Tour

12.30pm Holy Communion with prayers for healing

5.30pm Busy Hands, Quiet Hearts in the refectory

Thu 19      10.00am Great Days Tour

1.00pm Parrenthorn High School Visit

Sat 21 10.30am Coffee Concert: Alex Peters

12.30pm Wedding