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Covid 19

Guidelines for Worship and Events (Covid-19)


The restrictions under which our services are being conducted at the moment are part of our responsibility to ensure that all who worship and visit the priory feel safe and valued.  Thank you for your patience.


Please note: 

  • Some services are being live-streamed on Facebook.  If you do not wish to appear in the broadcast please sit in the south aisle or the gallery; if you wish to maintain social distancing, please make your way to the South aisle or the gallery of the church where people are seated in every other row only;
  • we ask you to use a face covering during events, services and visits to the priory (unless you are exempt). You will be asked to record your name and contact number as you arrive  to comply with recommendations of ‘Track and Trace’;
  • we ask you to not share the Peace during this service; however, congregational singing is now permitted, please join in if you feel able, we advise that you continue to wear your face mask when singing;
  • you will be asked to sanitise your hands as you enter church, and again after you receive Holy Communion; Holy Communion will be administered in one kind (i.e. just the bread); please observe social distancing whilst queuing for communion;
  • if you would like to make a donation to the priory, the collection plate will be share or please use the plate at the back of church, the contactless point or our online giving link on the notice sheet. Gift Aid envelopes are available on request: please ask a sidesperson;
  • Throughout the booklet there are instructions regarding posture; eg please sit and stand.  We encourage you to use these as a pattern to follow as you are comfortable to do so or not. Please join in with the words in bold type throughout the booklet.

December 2021