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APCM Sunday 25 10 2020

Our APCM will be held in church at 12 noon on Sunday 25 October via Zoom – please contact for more details.

To view the Lancaster Priory accounts for the year ending 31.12.19: Lancaster Priory full signed accounts 31.12.19

ELECTORAL ROLL—The annual revision of the electoral roll is now open. Therefore, if anyone wishes to be added to the electoral roll, change their address, or be removed please let Stuart Birse know by the end of Sunday 18 October. Forms for new additions are available from the duty verger. Being included in the electoral roll allows you to take part in the annual parochial meeting and have your say on important matters affecting the life of the Priory. The PCC hopes that every member of the Priory family is included on the electoral role so that it is as representative as possible.