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Tuesday 12th September 2017: New Voices - 12/09/17

Evening Recital

8pm, £5 (Adults) / £3 (U18s), Unreserved seating


This evening’s performers have played music in a wide range of bands and circumstances but most are new to
performing in the Priory.
The programme will open with music arranged and performed by Oliver Brouwer and Andy Anderton. Their
piece has been developed and arranged in improvisation on piano and electronically-modified keyboard, but is likely to end in straightforward song. They will then be joined by the musicians of Nino’s Blue Saloon, a well-established Lancaster band. The music will consist of some pieces written by Fin Kay-Lavelle and J.G. Ramsden, with others chosen to make best use of a larger number of singers than usual.
All the musicians are associated with Timekeeper Presents, a Lancaster-based music production company run by the
musicians and artists themselves.
Andy Anderton | Zac Barfoot | Oliver Brouwer |
Niall Ingham | Fin Kay-Lavelle | J.G. Ramsden