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Children’s Ministry

Learning by Praying and Doing

A living, worshipping community is one of the few places in modern Britain where people can meet across generations and backgrounds.  At Lancaster Priory, children, teenagers and adult are valued participants in worship.  Our young people are choir members and acolytes, and even the youngest have the opportunity to take part in presentations or read the prayers and scriptures in the 10.00am service.  By sharing their time and their talents the children learn about their faith, get to know other people and, above all, feel they belong both to the Church and to God.

Young Church on Sunday Mornings

Our aim on Sunday mornings is that the children will experience God’s love for them in the welcome they receive, the prayers they pray, and the Bible truths they learn; and we think they do this best when they are having fun.

We meet every Sunday morning at the 10.00am service during term time.  The younger children start the service with their parents and then, after the first hymn, go with their leaders out to their groups, while children in years 5 – 8 are dropped off before the service at the Priory Hall.  (Please ask the stewards for directions).  All children return at the end of the service to go with their parents to take Communion or receive a prayer of blessing.

Summer Holiday Young Church

From 22 July 2018 the plan is to have just one group meeting in the Refectory.  

The toys will be put out for pre- school children and parents are asked to stay with them; while for children at school there will be activities – playdough, colouring, games ect plus a Bible based DVD on the large TV screen.

We hope to start back with three groups on 2 September, the weekend before schools start.

Young Church Groups:

-in the Refectory

Children under the age of two are welcome to join our creche, with its toys and books.  Parents are asked to stay with them.

Children aged 2 – 4 are encouraged to listen to the Bible stories and join in with all the activities, but if they just want to play that is fine. Parents are welcome to leave if they think their child is settled.

Children in Reception or Year 1 talk about the Bible story, pray, sing and enjoy taking part in related craft and games.

-Upstairs in the Choir Vestry

Children in school Years 2 – 4 enjoy talking about the Bible passage, acting, making and playing games.

-Priory Hall

Children in school Years 5 – 8 have the use of the large Priory Hall, which means that they can break into small groups to explore the Bible passage through discussion, acting, drawing and prayer.  There is usually also time to play a game of dodge ball, football or balloon volleyball, while those who do not want to play have the chance to sit and chat or play a board game.

For more information please contact Katie Schad, The Priory Children and Families Worker:

Messy Church Workshops

At least twice a year, we hold a “Messy Workshop”. This is held in the Priory church and involves many sticky activities, such as painting baubles, planting bulbs, icing biscuits, making chocolate truffles and face painting, which are great fun for children and adults alike. This is followed by refreshments in the Refectory with songs/ carols depending on the season.

The workshop is designed for all children, so look out for posters in the local primary schools and churches.

Baptism and Confirmation

Each year a course is provided for both young people and adults seeking to prepare for Baptism and Confirmation or Confirmation (if baptised already).Watch for news of the next date for a Confirmation and the dates for young people and adults to start their preparation for Confirmation.

All those who would like to be Baptised or Confirmed should let a member of the clergy team know. Registration takes place in January- February each year to begin in March.

Find out more more information about Baptism here.

Lancaster Priory Church works to encourage a safe environment for children – see our Safeguarding policy here.