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Artist in Residence

Cathy Wilson is our Artist-in-Residence.

A practising artist since graduating from Lancaster University in 1997 with a B.A and an M.Phil in Visual Art. Cathy has exhibited widely around the North of England and have work in various private and public collections. She works in Lancaster Priory for a few hours most days.

She works in soft pastel on watercolour paper, taking a cropped image of a face and enlarging it to much greater than life size. This medium allows for both a softened and sharp definition in areas such as the eyes and teeth. She tries to convey the structure of the face through modelling in tone and colour as well as a sense of light.

“I became a Christian in 2011 and felt a real connection with Lancaster Priory. I felt really welcomed, made friends and joined in the social activity, it made me really want to belong, Chris asked me to become artist-in-residence and to create a gallery of paintings of people which we will exhibit and sell at the end of my time here. I love being part of this family and community”