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This week at Lancaster Priory

All our worship at the Priory this week

For further details of our last Priory Eucharist Service please click on the link below

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Thurs 17  7.00pm   Coffee and Theology

Fri 18    4.00pm    Children’s Choir

Sunday 20 January—Plough Sunday

8.00am            Holy Communion (BCP)

9.50am            Vestry Prayers

10.00am          Priory Eucharist

11.45am          Priory Choir Association AGM

6.30pm            Choral Evensong

Tues 22            10.15am          Holy Communion (BCP)

6.30pm            Mustard Seed in the Upper Priory Hall

Wed 23            12.30pm          Holy Communion with  Healing

2.00pm Sanctuary Guild in the refectory

Thurs 24 2.00pm Mothers’ Union AGM in the refectory

Fri  25       4.00pm Children’s Choir

Sat 26 10.30am Coffee Concert: Charlie Murray & Sean Brines

7.00pm Charity Wine Tasting Event